February is the month dedicated to celebrating LOVE for those special people in your life – Mom/Dad, Husband/Wife/Partner, Son/Daughter, and even us, Your Insurance Agent!! Yes, that’s right, Insurance Agent. Our clients express their love for us not only in February, they do it all year long!! See for yourself with these amazing reviews!

“Been with them for 9 years. They are efficient and professional!”

“Thank you, Mark! Mark is always ready to help you with all of your insurance needs.”

“Mark helped me in 15 minutes when other companies couldn’t help me in 2 months! Very professional and resourceful. Thank you, Mark!

We strive all year long to build lasting relationships with our clients. Our dedication to keeping an open channel of communication, always listening, and being willing to go above and beyond is how we create strong bonds with our clients. We would LOVE to start building a bond with you, and become your hometown trusted insurance provider. Call East Douglas Insurance Agency at (508) 476-2101 or visit at https://eastdouglasinsurance.com/ for your free insurance quote, and you’ll be feeling the love as well.